New! Online order Production Pipeline

Aloha Ohana,

As many of you may not know, we pride ourselves in printing/making everything we can in-house and this includes all apparel and accessories.

We have recently become so busy that we have realized that we need to extend our production time for each order we receive. We have created a "Production Pipeline" list that is easy to follow and we can easily reference if you call or email with your order number so we can update you where your order is.

We try our best, and we appreciate you all so much for being patient with us.


Here is a summary of everything that happens from start to finish - 

Stage 1: Pending Production (2-6 Business Days)
Our warehouse department will assess whether we have the item to be printed in hand or if we need to get it ordered, if it’s the latter we will get all pieces ordered and in hand asap.

Stage 2: Print Ready (1-2 Business Days)
We have your items and prints setup and ready to be printed. Your order will be put into the printing queue which can fluctuate based on how busy we are.

Stage 3 Printing & Quality Assurance (1-2 Business Days)
Our awesome team will make sure your items are printed with care along with double and triple checking that quality is met, assuring you will get the best quality item possible.

Stage 4: Packing and Shipping (1-2 Business Days)
Now that your item has been made, we will transfer it to our store for packing and shipping. We ship everything USPS which will have tracking available for you to easily track your order’s progress.

IMPORTANT: We are a small family owned business, not, with that being said we will work as fast as possible to get all orders out in this window. Some orders may be faster or some may take longer based on current conditions. If you have any concerns please feel free to call our shop with your order number readily available, and we can tell you precisely what stage your order is in. Should your order be longer than the 12 business day window, we will email you and update you immediately.

Any orders that are shipped within the first 6-day window will receive a FREE random small decal

Any orders shipped after the first 6-day window will receive (2) FREE random small decals

Mahalo for your support and understanding!