Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Aloha Ohana,

We are so stoked that it's finally holiday season and we are able to get some new goods out to you all.

I have updated the site with some new items, and I will continue to update it throughout the weekend, and the holidays. Our goal is to get as much things on the site as we can to give all of our mainland customers and neighbor island customers a chance to grab some goods.

Specials will continue in both the Maui and Hilo stores throughout the weekend until Tuesday 12/2/19.

For our in-store specials please checkout our most recent instagram posts. Online special will be get a FREE lanyard with any purchase over $5. And of course we always try and throw in some free decals and hats depending on order size.

Important thing to please remember is that we are preparing to have a bunch of orders this weekend and we will need some time to get them all printed, packed, and shipped to you, your patience is MUCH appreciated during this busy time.

Please come by and see us at the shop this weekend, or stop by the site and check it out. Mahalo!