June 2018 Updates


Just wanted to take some time and let you all know what we have going on. It has been a very busy month and we are preparing for the new store opening on July 1st.

For NA KOA we have the Tako tee and Longsleeve Legend in production right now, I would say it is a week or two out so we're right on schedule. We also have 4 new Nike Polo drifits in production -- this time we included the wahine so be on the lookout for those soon.

Ho'omana has some huge things going on, we have some dresses coming in, and we are also adding new colors of the Kahiau, and Kaliana. We will also be adding new jewelry, hats, decals, and leggings!

This is just a tidbit of what is coming soon and where we are headed, mahalo again for following and supporting us!